Receivable Management Services

Receivable Management ServicesIt’s no surprise that many hospitals and physician groups are looking to outsource receivables management. Maintaining healthy cash flow is certainly not easy for hospitals and physicians today. Reimbursement rates continue to go down but costs to doctors, like labor and malpractice insurance, continue to rise.  As Americans increasingly obtain high deductible medical insurance plans, they will be responsible for higher percentages of their medical bills, which often need additional attention to be collected. Now—more than ever before–cost-cutting measures are imperative to a shrinking bottom line for both hospitals and physicians. PCB answers that call with customized receivable management services for our clients.

Fewer Days in A/R
= Increased Cash Flow

Our extensive experience in the healthcare arena has made PCB the leader in receivable management services for both hospitals and physicians. The PCB team can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to collect money, which reduces the burden on your staff. When you outsource receivables management to PCB, every account gets the attention it needs when it needs it—so you’ll collect more and allow your employees to focus their time and energy on other tasks.

Early Out
Cash Acceleration

PCB provides completely customizable solutions, from phone messages to patient statements to dedicated staff members.   Another tremendous benefit of an early-out engagement with PCB is our ability to uncover previously unknown or incorrectly billed third party information. Given that accounts are outsourced earlier, we are often within timely filing guidelines and PCB staff is essentially an insurance policy working to avoid missed insurance funds. Contact PCB for a complete overview of our services to help you gain control and increase recoveries on self pay balances.

Receivable Management Services
to Extend Your Staff

When you outsource receivables management to PCB, our staff becomes an extension of your own staff. PCB will match your communications and style and ensure that all communications, including letters, are customized according to your specifications.

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