Medical Practice Management Services

Medical Practice Management Solutions

Medical practice management services from PCB help your practice run more smoothly, so you can collect revenue faster. Our practice management technology solutions help small to large physician offices streamline and simplify tasks and workflow.  PCB’s practice management solutions will allow your practice to operate as a large group, while you maintain control and the ability to focus on your patients. Our solutions are completely customizable and we will work with you to coordinate a best-in-class process.

A full-scale medical billing and practice management solution

PCB serves as a full scale medical billing and practice management solutions provider. A transition to PCB’s billing service will transform your entire practice. From quick claim turnaround time, to timely follow-up, payment posting, denial management and etc., PCB offers customizable practice management solutions. We will work with practice leadership to create a transition plan and advise on all possible outsourcing possibilities. PCB doesn’t just come in and start billing your claims, we evaluate current processes and formulate a plan for process improvement. With PCB you get the true consulting experience and ideas you have been looking for, however we take it a step further and actually put a plan into action.

Smooth Billing

Improve speed and accuracy with PCB medical practice management services. With over 50 years of experience dealing directly with insurance companies, we utilize best practices to get the most money possible. In addition, all claims are scrubbed through an extensive database for errors before they’re submitted, which allows for a greater percentage of payments on initial pass and thus avoiding unnecessary denials.  Timely and effective follow-up is handled by PCB representatives and is often the most valued process PCB offers to clients.

PCB Practice Management Benefits
We supply the software solution or we can work directly on your system

  • Certified coders and billers with multi-specialty experience
  • A complete revenue cycle team vs. traditional medical office staff
  • Focus on treating your patients – we will take care of the billing and collections
  • Contingency based fee models, eliminates fixed cost for office staff
  • Quicker turnaround times, increased reimbursements and lower costs
  • “Soup to nuts” approach – billing, follow-up, patient billing and patient collections

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