Insurance Follow-up

insurance-follow-upAfter answering the need of one client over a decade ago, PCB has since created a full service insurance follow-up and billing division.  Our knowledge of insurance follow-up best practices cannot be matched and we take great pride in our ability to resolve aged, difficult-to-pay accounts that were previously slated for write-off. At PCB, we’re able to leverage our knowledge of patient collections with claims expertise to recover funds from carriers that would otherwise have gone unpaid. Furthermore, our team proactively looks for ways to enhance processes in the future, to ensure that your insurance follow-up results and recoveries will improve drastically over time.

Insurance Follow-Up

Our knowledge and experience extends to every major insurance carrier, and most small carriers, too. Our staff of professionals can optimize your insurance follow-up process and obtain results you will see right in your bank account.

Denial Management

The PCB team doesn’t just react to denials; we’re proactive in analyzing why they happened so we can help you decrease your denials over time. Our team is constantly looking for trends that can help clients fix internal processes and help us to improve our insurance follow-up service.

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