Medical Debt Collections

Medical Debt CollectionsEven though recent health reform means that more people have medical insurance, outstanding bad debt self pay balances continue to be an issue for hospitals and providers, thus making your medical debt collections partner an even more important aspect of revenue cycle management. Additionally, PCB can help you turn bad debt self pay balances into profitable insurance accounts through our specialized data mining processes, and our ability to work with your patients to uncover previously unknown coverage.

Medical Debt Collections
with Integrity and Ethics

Our ethical team of professionals secures results without using sneaky, harsh tactics. Hospitals and physicians work hard to maintain an excellent reputation and we take that very seriously. Our team obtains results through proven, respectful medical debt collection methods because we believe no collection is worth a problem or complaint. You can count on PCB to treat your patients with respect and help you maintain positive relationships.

Every Account
is an Important Account

Every account receives our attention. Every amount—large or small, day 1 or day 180—is an important account to our representatives. Our team uses many different tools to ensure we find the right contact information and attempt to collect from every person that is able to pay.  We do our best to take the stress out of the collections process for patients and always offer flexible payment methods.

Our Proven
Medical Debt Collection Approach

Our expertise in medical debt collections means we go far beyond just sending out notices. Our team sends timely statements and targeted notices in order to maximize recoveries.  PCB representatives utilize a proven system with advanced phone and skip tracing technologies in order to reach your patients and attempt to resolve outstanding balances.

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